Technology Overview and Our Planet

Ever wonder why it feels so good to walk outside on a sunny day and take a deep breath and exhale? It’s because we are in harmony with our home, the earth. Walking barefoot on the beach allows the earths natural energy to enter our bodies.

Our planet emits a frequency of 7.83 megahertz. Over millions of years all life on the planet has evolved to be in harmony with this frequency known as Schumann waves which were discovered by the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in the mid 1900’s.

All life on the planet is bioelectric. Our thoughts, our heartbeat, all the processes that take place in living things are all bioelectric.

Beginning about 130 years ago with the electrification of society and continuing with radio and television signals and now the big boom in wireless technologies, we have systematically increased the natural background radiation of the planet millions upon millions of times.

Adapting to this massive change cannot happen overnight and there is evidence which strongly suggests that many diseases are linked to this major change in our environment.

Continued research is leading many experts to conclude that these man made frequencies are interfering with the biodiversity of our planet. Because all living entities are magnetically oriented naturally, introducing man made frequencies interferes with the natural process of life and potentially causes sickness, disease and death. These man made frequencies have been shown to affect the navigational abilities of birds as well as that of bees which pollinate plants and make the diversity of foods we eat possible.

While both the government and the telecom industry continue to deny any cause and effect from these man made frequencies on the health of people there is now compelling evidence to suggest that at the very least we should all be adopting a precautionary stance with regards to how we use and allow wireless technologies to interact with our lives and our bodies until we know for sure that they are safe.

We are all now part of the biggest biological experiment in the history of mankind as these man made frequencies now blanket the entire planet.

For people like myself that suffer from electrical hypersensitivity there is no refuge from these man made frequencies. We react with physical symptoms to this ubiquitous exposure. Heart irregularities such as Afib, interrupted sleep patterns, ongoing fatigue, ringing in the ears and joint and muscular pain are just some of the symptoms of exposure to these frequencies that electrically sensitive people experience.

We are the lucky ones because we are symptomatic. We can take action to alleviate exposure where possible thereby lessening the impact of this rampant exposure on our bodies and our health. But what about the segment of the population (85-90%) that doesn’t exhibit symptoms? Does that mean they aren’t affected?

As long as the expansion of wireless technology continues each and every one of us will eventually become electrically sensitive. Until there is a better understanding and acceptance of the disease of electrical hypersensitivity and willingness of governments around the world to protect their citizens from this harmful exposure by utilising safer delivery of communication signals everywhere, the future looks very bleak.

Both the telecom industry and governments continue to deny there is anything to worry about but scientific study after study continue to conclude there is indeed something noxious in the environment afterall wireless signals are microwave energy. At no time was the telecom industry ever required to carry out testing to determine if long term exposure to low radio frequencies or microwave signals had any effect on the biodiversity of the planet.

Now we are beginning to see the ominous signs that something is amiss in our world.