Why Humans Are Creatures of Habit

Changing the minds of humans is like trying to turn a ship around when the rudder is jammed. The best efforts fail because the steering is pointed to a different direction to that desired by the captain. Whether we realise it or not there is a power beyond our control that plays the same role. […]

Thank You COVID-19

Most people are afraid of and disgusted with the Coronavirus. It has messed up our status quo. It has inspired anger, brought about alarm, despair and death, perpetuated anguish and caused loss. But – have you thought of the good it is bringing to our world? Corona has caused self isolation (I-soul-action). Yay! People are […]

Researching Nutritional Supplements

I would venture a guess that most of the population wants to be healthy. Very few people wake up in the morning and say, “Boy, I hope I put on another pound today!”, or look into a mirror and assert, “I just don’t look obese enough for these jeans.” Yet if the solution to our […]

Quinoa is the Best Astronaut Food

I was amazed to find out recently that quinoa is recommended for astronauts on long space flights. I found this out watching a television program that was looking at the best foods you can eat. One of the guests was a former astronaut and there was a top ten foods list. Number one on the […]

Get More Out Of Life While Managing Your Diabetes

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 21, I had not given the first thought to living a healthy diabetic lifestyle. As far as I was concerned, a healthy lifestyle was reserved only for fitness junkies and overweight moms. I didn’t know squat about the benefits and overall happiness […]

Treadmill Training For Runners by Rick Morris

Unless you live and run in a climate with no rain, no snow, no intense heat, no chilling cold and now sudden storms, then your scheduled workouts are sometimes interrupted by bad weather. Last summer, here in St Louis we had many days that started out as sunny and dry — yet were rainy by […]